This page is dedicated to our pets!!!

HEY!!this is going to be all about our page!!!

A...well i have two pets right now..they are both dogs. they are whippets.they are like mini greyhounds and are very fast and skinny. now one of their names is khaki...she is about 4 yrs old and is white with khaki colored fur. and she has two patches of khaki fur on her that are shaped like hearts. and the other ones name is heather. she is about 2-3 yrs ld. and she has like white fur..with black and brown mixes. we used to have two other dogs but they both died. sad. one of them wasa golden retriever named jazmin. we called her Jazzy or jazzy girl. she was pretty. and BIG. but she was soooo cute and she was a couch potato just like our dogs now!! And the other one was another whipptet. her name was jenna. and she had the same colors as heather.   niw we also had a big lizzard called an iguana. he was huge and long and green. though he wasn't my favorite because when we would have to clean the cage...somebody had to hold him while the other was cleaning. And i never wanted to hold him becasue he would whip you with it's tail. nad omg it hurt. then we also had a chinese fighting fish. his name was gilligan. don't blame me... my mom name it. (oh and by the way the iguana's name was reptar) gilligan was blue and red. and he had a really long tail thing. and he was pretty. and he died becasue my mom forgot to feed him. then i found out he died when i came home drom my friends house. and they told me that they
flushed him down the toilet and i freaked!! omg. i was soooo sad. those were all of my pets.

L....I have had so many pets it would be so hard for me to tell you all of them. But i will talk about the ones that i think i should strating with the once i have now. I have 4 pets. I know it sounds a lot but i could care less. One thing you have to know about me is that one of the most important things to me is my pets. Ok i ahve 2 dogs and 2 cats. Roxy is a chihuahua she is 8 years old and i have had her for 4 years. She is black and LOVES to bark. She is always ready to go for a walk when i call her. She loves to do the army crawl. it is very easy to get her excited you just love and rub her belly and if you are excited and rambunkshis she will be too. We got her from the pund 4 years ago. The sad part is.....we got her from the pound but she was brought to the pound 4 times before we came. No body potty trained her. She was abused as a puppy. I wouldent give her up for the world. Now on to maxine. I have had maxine since i was 4 years old. She is also 8 years old. Maxine is a toy poodle. She is gray with some champagne color in her. her father was black, and mother was champagne. she is very lovable. she always knows when we are taking her somewhere. When i first got her i wanted to name her sunshine or flowerpettle (dont blame me i was 4) But my dad desided to name her maxine. we always have my dad name my pets. Maxine is not always excited for a walk like roxy but always ready to lick. sje always licks everyone all the time. Well next i am going to talk about my cats. First i am going to talk about cinderella. Cinderella is probally the most unusuall cat you will ever know. First she has a big orange dot on the top of her head. We think it is her crown that is why her name is cinderella (my dad named her) I remember when we got her. me and my parents went away for a week and my cousin babysat the house. I came back and went in my room and there on my bed was a cute little kitten. I immidiatly loved her.Cinderella will only eat on the counter in the kitchen. SHe loves the car. She hates my other cat. and She loves my dogs.She loves to be indoors only cause my other cat is always out. She is four years old and i have had her since she was 10 weeks old. Cinderella thinks she is a dog. (shhhh dont tell her she is a cat!) So In my family i have another unusuall cat. His name is Twinkle Puss. Twinkle Puss (Who I call twinkie) who we thin k has a split personality is very strange. He goes out and bring us home a dead mouse, rat, bird, squirell, and sometimes unidentibal things. He loves to hunt. During the day he is so hard to get inside and bnever wants to be held. Untill he comes and falls asleep in your arms. :) He will come and cuddle with you at night. We got him from petco two years ago when he was 1 years old. Twinkie is a tuexedo cat he is black and white. But very cute. He always loves to make muddy paw prints on the floor when he comes in from outside when it is raining. He always goes and sleeps in very odd position and find wierd places to sleep. Well now to talk about my past pets. I had a dog a long time ago named Roosevelt. He was very unusual as well we got him when he was a puppy. in 2001. He was brown and was a minuture poodle. He had a mean streak but he was always sweet. he loved to be with you. The only thing is he died when he was two. I have a shadow box  that i made whe he died. Every day i would come home and yell "I'm Home ROSEY!!" and he would come running. I loved that dog soooooo much. Then my grandfather gave us his dog named katie.Well one week we watched katie while my grandpa was on vacation and she became so attached to maxine that katie wouldent eat sleep or drink if she wasnt with her. We got katie and maxine loved havingf her around. Katie got really sick and honked and had bladder problems towards the end. My mom just had to put her down she was suffering. Also when I was little I had two cats Rosebud and Bootsy. They lived to be 20 years old but i only had them for a couple years before they died but my mom told me that when i was a baby they loved to go and sleep in my stroller. As you can see i hacve had alot of pets. Herre is the breakdown....15 fish....4 rabbits....4 cats...4 dogs...5 birds....2 rats.....Uncountable amount of hamsters....and many you can see i love animals and my pets.