love horoscopes for the month of NOVEMBER!

OKOK!!! WE POSTED NEW HOROSCOPES FOR NOVEMBER!!! (don't blame me if they are wierd i did not even read them)


 Messages are clearly mixed when it comes to matters of the heart this month. The Sun in sultry Scorpio until November 22 is not your ideal sign for romance. There's heaviness in the air that can feel confining to someone who needs freedom as much as you. However, some light breezes keep you in touch with your playful side. Mental Mercury turns direct on November 1 in objective Libra, opening minds and making conversation easier than ever. As long as discussions stay theoretical, you're likely to feel at ease. When commitment and control enter the arena, though, you might seek a quick exit to get a breath of fresh air. Vibrant Venus then enters Libra on November 8, offering another wave of delightful company with intelligent individuals.New Moon in Scorpio on November 9, though, would normally feel like a heavy weight on your chest with responsibilities piling up everywhere you look. However, the usual pressures may be reduced as your inventive ruling planet Uranus comes to the rescue. Its creative 120-degree trine to the New Moon reveals ways to have intimacy without giving up your liberty. This can be a breakthrough in awareness that might not show up immediately, but which can offer you a new perspective on relationships that can serve you for the rest of your life. It's a linking of the head and the heart that respects the needs of each equally. When the Sun flies into sagacious Sagittarius on November 22, you'll see that that there's room for both.


Intense emotions on the inside and a light and breezy attitude on the outside fit your needs this month. The powerful feelings are fueled by the Sun's passage through watery Scorpio until November 22 in your 9th House of Faraway Places. Connections with people from different cultures, through educational institutions or travel are possible now. You should appreciate the depth that you encounter with such thoughtful individuals. The light part comes from chatty Mercury's direct turn in airy Libra on November 1 and lovely Venus' entry into the same sign on November 8. Libra is a sign of graciousness, beauty and social skill. Mercury and Venus bring a sense of style and conversational gifts even under the most difficult circumstance.
Libra occupies your 8th House of Intimacy, suggesting that activating the objectivity and the open-mindedness of this sign are keys to getting closer with someone. Require your current partner or a potential future one to talk about everything without holding back. There's a great deal of trust to be built when two people can be so straightforward about touchy issues. Choppy waters may appear with a stressful Venus-Mars square on November 19, so don't force issues at that time. However, even if you do go over the line or conflict upsets the balance, tension doesn't have to last. A divine 120-degree trine between Venus and spiritual, compassionate Neptune (your ruling planet) on November 26 can wash away wounded feelings. Have faith in the power of love and understanding and you'll come out ahead every time.


You may continue to be uncharacteristically shy this month with Mars, your ruling planet, in the sensitive water sign of Cancer. But you might as well get used to a more delicate approach to relationships, because it's going to last for quite some time. Mars turns retrograde on November 15, a reversal that turns your attention inward and further increases your vulnerability. This can, though, make you more attractive to those who prefer sweetness to spice. In spite of your impulse to withdraw and move into a more self-protective mode, there are opportunities for romance this month. Venus, the planet of love, enters Libra and your 7th House of Partnership on November 8. This is a delicious opening for kind people who are willing to meet you halfway.It is appropriate to let down your guard and allow a gentle person to take the lead. The New Moon in passionate Scorpio stirs your 8th House of Intimacy on November 9. Its harmonious hookup with inventive Uranus can help you break through sticky situations by discovering a fresh approach to relationship problems. This emotionally rich Sun-Moon conjunction can also show you how to draw closer to someone without losing your sense of freedom. Venus and Mars cross paths in a stressful square on November 19 that can intensify your interactions with others. Although anger or awkwardness is possible, there's an underlying sensuality that can put you in the mood to play. As long as you and your partner are gentle, pleasure is predicted.



Expect a shift in relationship patterns on November 8 when your ruling planet Venus leaves your 5th House of Romance and enters your 6th House of Work. That doesn't sound like fun, but it's really about taking partnership to the next level. Falling in love is an act of surrender, but building and sustaining a lasting alliance takes effort. If you're single, though, this transition could lead you to love (or at least lust) on the job. Another angle is to use Venus' entry into this methodical house to alter your habits and upgrade your appearance with proper diet and exercise. The New Moon on November 9 can put some arrows in Cupid's quiver since it falls in your 7th House of Relationship. This is the one time each year when the willful Sun and emotional Moon join in this attractive part of your chart.Inventive Uranus makes a creative 120-degree trine to the New Moon that can show you how to connect intensely with someone without losing your sense of individuality. If you already have a partner, this can add spice to your union by bringing a fresh attitude or new activities into your life. November 19 and 29 might be tough days as Venus rubs up against aggressive Mars and restraining Saturn in challenging ways. These effects, though, should pass within 48 hours, so don't dramatize them.


The good news is that Mercury, your ruling planet, begins moving forward on November 1 after three crazy weeks of retrograde motion that may have muddled communications in your personal life. It turns direct in your 5th House of Romance, encouraging you to express your feelings more openly. A relationship that has stalled can be jumpstarted with a heart-to-heart conversation and a commitment to making it fun again. If you're single, it's time to get the word out about your availability. Fortunately, you're not trying to make a life or death decision about a long-term partnership. Nope, this is more about dating for the pleasure of being with someone who likes to play as much as you do. A more serious tone in communication can emerge on November 11 when Mercury enters emotionally profound Scorpio. The weight of every word and gesture is greater now, requiring more subtlety and nuance in communication.
Listen more and speak less and you'll pick up invaluable clues on what others desire and dislike. Your spirits may lift and your chances for choice connections increase when the Sun fires into your 7th House of Partnership on November 22. Being bolder in how you express yourself will weed out the weak of heart who can't handle your honesty. The Full Moon in your sign on November 24 should add even more sizzle to your social life and put you in the spotlight. A steady relationship could be shaken, though, as outside interests can distract you from your primary commitment.


 It's time to drop your defenses, open your heart and express your feelings more openly. The warming power of the Sun is in your 5th House of Romance and Play, inviting you to show your passion and allow your desire for love to be seen. You don't need a big sign, though, to make this known, but with a discreet look, a secret smile or a light brush of your hand, your intentions will be known. If the object of your affection can't pick up these subtle signals, he or she is too insensitive to make you happy in the long run. Of course, you want safety and security, which is why taking foolish risks isn't recommended.But you could be especially sensual now and need emotional and physical response to scratch that itch. Yet the New Moon in passionate Scorpio on November 9 gets feelings flowing in a way that shouldn't be stopped. Happily, inventive Uranus forms a supportive 120-degree trine to the New Moon that invites experimentation, allowing you to explore romance free from some of your old habits and expectations. A different tune starts playing when the Sun enters Sagittarius and your 6th House of Work on November 22. The question of short-term pleasure gives way to consideration of how a relationship can work out on a day-to-day basis. Despite your good instincts, this might be a time to read, take a class or talk to someone you trust about making partnerships last without losing their luster.


You may not be your usual outgoing self for the first three weeks of November, with the secretive Scorpio Sun lurking in your 4th House of Home and Family. A little retreat from the world can do you some good. If you have a partner, quiet time together can build your relationship, even if you have to dig into some tough issues and tear it down first. Don't let excess pride stand in the way of facing tough emotional truths. This is never easy, but knowing exactly what you need and what stands in the way is a powerful step toward greater fulfillment. November 4 can be the midpoint of an intense period of four or five days when dissatisfaction can come to a head.Blame is not going to advance anything, yet feeling the depth of your emotions can lead to a healthy cleansing. A gentler mood is expected on November 11 when the Sun hooks up with spiritual Neptune and all (or almost all) can be forgiven. Idealism flickers to reawaken dreams, but you may be less than realistic about a potential partner. The tides shift on November 22 when the Sun enters fiery Sagittarius and your 5th House of Romance. This should light you up with a spirit of adventure that can put you on the prowl for love. Your hunger to play can overcome discrimination, which could prove embarrassing. But hey, a Leo has to have fun, and this is certainly a time to open up and let the good times roll!


Come on, it's time to share some secrets. Find a cozy corner for a confidential conversation where you expose your hidden desires and doubts. The creative Sun is in secretive Scorpio in your 3rd House of Communication, so feelings shared now have great power. They can free you from shame and connect you in an intimate way with a lover or friend. Mercury, your ruling planet, is also signaling freer self-expression by turning forward on November 1 after three weeks of backpedaling. Ideas that have been bubbling in your head are ready to be shared. Difficulties connecting with others may finally have faded away, so it's time to get back in touch.The New Moon in sassy Scorpio on November 9 is full of surprises. Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, aligns with this Sun-Moon conjunction to suddenly bring someone into your life or alter events with a current partner. If you are willing to adapt to changes, this can be an exciting event. But if you insist that habits remain fixed, you may have to struggle to maintain your balance. It's easier to let go and explore unfamiliar territory. You should be faster on your feet November 19-21 with a sharp tongue, fresh ideas and a willingness to experiment. The Sun's entry into fiery Sagittarius on November 22 puts more fuel in your emotional tank, although you might be at your romantic and relationship best when you are playing at home.


Thoughts that have been ticking in your head may finally be ready to come out as Mercury, the communication planet, turns forward in your sign on November 1. You have the ability to be honest and kind, but doing both in the same conversation can be a challenge. Gauge your audience carefully before dropping any bombshells. There's a definite lift to your social life when Venus, your ruling planet and the symbol of love, enters Libra on November 8. You're likely to feel more attractive and look it, too. It all comes from an inner sense of calm that makes you magnetic. The style and grace that characterizes your sign should be obvious for everyone to see, putting you in a lovely pastel spotlight that shows off your best qualities.The New Moon in Scorpio on November 9 is a reminder that it's ok to keep score in relationships. This isn't about vengeance, but a sign to be clear about what you want and what you're will to do to get it. There's an inventive twist to this event that can help you out of an emotional tight spot, if you need it. On November 19, a tense Venus-Mars square is bound to turn up the heat. Whether it's fighting or flirting, you're not going to be taken lightly. If you find yourself on the edge of an argument, you might want to back off, since you may not be the only one feeling hurt or misunderstood at the time.


The Sun is lighting up your sign this month, which gives you more time in the spotlight. Yet, in spite of an uptick in attention, you may not be comfortable expressing your feelings directly. That's because Venus, the planet of love and affection, enters your 12th House of Secrets on November 8. This favors relationships in quiet, out-of-the way places, perhaps to hide something. Hmm, is there something you're not telling us? Well, it's your life and you have a right to privacy. Besides, if you're subtle in the way you reach out to someone, you won't feel embarrassed if your plan misfires. But being so coy in your approach to a relationship may mean that your message will not be understood.The New Moon in your sign on November 9 might help you be a bit bolder. Its harmonious 120-degree trine to inventive Uranus can show you a new way to spice up a current alliance or take a step toward a new one. Still, Mars -- your traditional ruling planet -- is moving slowly in self-protective Cancer and turns retrograde on November 15. A tendency to project the past onto the present can inhibit your prospects for future happiness. You may be caught up in memories that keep you from starting fresh. This tendency to look back on previous experiences might not be especially helpful. If you've been disappointed in love, join the club. But even though you tend to feel things more deeply than most of us, it's better to move forward.


 The Sun starts the month in your secretive 12th House, perhaps making you a bit more reserved than usual. While fun with friends seems likely with sociable Venus entering your 11th House of Groups on November 8, you could be cautious when it comes to intimate contacts. In fact, reviewing your relationship history can be very informative when the New Moon in psA rare 72-degree quintile between your ruling planet Jupiter and the connective Lunar North Node on November 11 may attract creative individuals or allow you to meet someone under unusual circumstances. The Sun enters your sign on November 22, which is likely to put a little more zip into your step and encourage you to return to your usual outgoing personality. November 24 is a key date with the Full Moon in flirtatious Gemini falling in your 7th House of Partnership. If you are in a committed relationship, some complicating issues can arise that will require serious discussions. But if you're single, an interesting individual may show up who should be an entertaining distraction, even if he or she is not an ideal candidate for a long-term relationship.
ychologically rich Scorpio occurs in your 12th House of Secrets on November 9. You might not like to look over your shoulder, but there's an enormous amount to be learned by doing that now. You have a chance to recognize patterns you never noticed before, which can help you let go of them and free you for happier unions in the future.


Friends can lead you to romance while the Sun lights up your 11th House of Groups through November 22. This also increases your odds of making a love connection when you are part of a team or in a community situation. In fact, it might be in your interest to organize social events with attractive Venus entering your 10th House of Responsibility on November 8. This can make you look good as a leader or a boss. But it's vital that you exhibit fairness and openness to others' opinions if you want to be seen in the best light. It's also possible that this could indicate a work-related romance.
One challenge is the retrograde turn of assertive Mars on November 15. This backward shift of the passion planet occurs in your 7th House of Partnership. Old issues may resurface in a current relationship, perhaps provoking conflict and a feeling that a problem will never go away. If you're single, an ex might return to your life or your thoughts. Maybe you'll meet someone new with the same characteristics of a previous partner. In any case, bringing a fresh approach to a stale situation can be the key to overcoming aggravation and making pleasure possible. Be gentle in your approach to others during this delicate time. Whether you can make partnership work as you'd like or not, you are dealing with core patterns of behavior with others where you will gain much more by acknowledging your vulnerability than by stifling emotions in an attempt to control events.

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